Saturday, October 6, 2007

Car Shelter Update

This week, I got estimates for the replacement of the trap for the car shelter. WHile I was at it, I asked about fixing a problem that has bugged us ever since we bought the house.

With the car shelter so close to the house (they're about 12" apart for half of its length), a lot of snow get stuck between the house and the shelter. And that side of the shelter's roof is almost impossible to clear of the snow. I have no way of removing that snow during the winter, so the space fills up with snow. The problem is that if it rains, that snow becomes quite heavy, and it applies a lot of pressure on the car shelter's tarp.

It is probably one of the reasons why the trap now need to be replaced. On top of that, there is a basement window that gets completely burried in snow which will also need to be replaced soon.

So the guy who did the estimate told me that usually the type of shelter that we have is not placed so close to a house, because of that problem. To fix that, half of the shelter would need to be converted into a lean-to shelter (with a single slope).

Now, I have two estimates. The first one is just for replacing the current tarp with a new one, and is for about $1100. The second one is for converting half of the car shelter, and for a new tarp for the rest, for about $3200. Ouch!

The second choice would probably the best for the long-term, since it would last the longest and prevent further damage to the house. Princess and I will probably take this course of action, but are taking the week-end to think about it.

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