Thursday, October 11, 2007

Car Shelter Decision

Yesterday, I called the company to ask some more questions about the new car shelter, and finalized the purchase. We are going for the more expensive option.

I believe we took the right decision for the long-term. Princess simply cannot scrape her car in the morning without risking injuring herself (she's had problems with tendons in her elbows). I cannot stand to spend money on something that will not last, and risks damaging our house.

We are using a 12 payments, no interest, financing. The expense is split 60/40 between me and Princess, like we do for all the structural expenses related to the house (our co-ownership is set up using the same ratio).

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pacohaas said...

I'd like to know more about your car shelter. I recently moved to Wisconsin and hate shoveling snow. It would be great to put something up during the winter that would prevent snow from gathering on my driveway. I have a garage for the actual car, but the driveway is a pain to shovel. Do you have any pictures of links to your car shelter? How well does it hold up under heavy snow?