Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DRiP Addition - Hasbro

I am in the process of adding a new company to my DRiP portfolio: the toy manufacturer Hasbro, Inc. The company sells many different game and toy, with well-known brands such as Monopoly, Transformers, Magic: The Gathering, Tonka and NERF. It also sells toys related to the Star Wars franchise and the Marvel-related toys (think Spider Man, Iron Man, Hulk and X-Men).

Toys are not going to go away anytime soon. New toys are always sold, since few children want last year's hot items. The recession may pressure the earnings somewhat, but the company should still be able to make a profit and continue paying its dividend. Although I don't see the company as a high-growth, this should provide a moderate but steady growth of about 5-10% per year (when including the dividend).

Hasbro currently pays out a dividend of $0.20 per quarter, for a yield of 3.4%.

The company's DRiP/SPP has no fees, and allows monthly purchase of little as $25.

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