Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Closed my CSI Account

I've finally closed my Canadian ShareOwner Investments brokerage account. I opened this account in 2006 when I began my adventures with dividend reinvestment plans (DRiPs), but stopped using it when I discovered a more cost-efficient way to purchase starter shares for my DRiP portfolio.

I had mentioned doing thisin one of my 2009 financial goals (Reorganize my Investment Accounts). This will be one less account to keep track of.

It is still my intent to open anothe brokerage account, to take advantage of tax-free growth in a TFSA. At this time, TD Waterhouse has to most appeal to me.


Joe said...


Which brokerage are you using now?

Frog of Finance said...

I'm currently with Disnat for my main brokerage account. Their service is good and I am fairly satisfied with them, but they charge a fee for deposits in kind (share certificates).

For my TFSA, I want to be able to deposit shares from my DRiP portfolio. This would allow me to completely avoid buying fees for the shares in my TFSA.