Friday, June 22, 2007

Once Upon A Time...

... there was a young frog. Its life was a simple one -- the frog had a good job in its little pond, played with its friends, and visited its parents as often as it could.

Our frog had a little bit of money, which it decided to invest. At first it was clumsy -- it had some success, but made quite a few mistakes listening to poor advice. It learned why some called investing a jungle, although our little frog liked to call it a swamp. Life continued, the good but also the bad, as our frog lived through some hard times.

Then one day the frog got very lucky, and met a beautiful princess. They decided to live together, and were happy. But the frog knew that a day would come, as years went by, when its legs would loose their spring and work would become impossible. When such a time came, it wanted to be ready.

So it decided to learn more about finance, and that strange swamp that is investing. It read a lot, tried some things, read some more, and experimented. Then, one day, it stumbled upon the strange library of Blog, where it read about others also trying to navigate the swamp.

Discovering their story, the frog decided to share its own...

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