Friday, March 5, 2010

My Recent Dividend Increases

In the last couple of weeks, I got a three more raises in my DRiP portfolio.

First, on February 4th, toy-maker Hasbro (NYSE: HAS) announced a 25% increase (from $0.20 to $0.25) to its quarterly dividend. My current position in Hasbro is quite small, since I only added that company to my portfolio last year, but it's nice to see the trend here.

Second, on February 19th, health company Abbott (NYSE: ABT) announced a 10% increase (from $0.40 to $0.44) to its quarterly dividend. Again, my stake in Abbott is quite small (set up my DRiP late in 2009).

Finally, on February 23rd, energy infrastructure company TransCanada Corporation (Toronto: TRP) announced a small 5% increase (from $0.38 to $0.40) to its quarterly dividend. Even though this rise was the smallest, I've had TransCanada in my portfolio for longer and as a result my stake in the company is bigger. So this increase will have the largest impact on my dividend income for 2010.

Still, together those increases will only impact my income by about $4 for this year. Nothing to write home about, but I'll be getting that money this year... and next... and the next one...

You get the picture: it adds up! Cheers!

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Financial Power said...

Every little increase is an increase and in a long term it adds up. So cheers for you.