Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back from Vacation

I came back to work on Monday, after 2 weeks of vacation. Had a really good time this year, with a good mix of days away from home and days spent at home tinkering outside (taking advantage of the sun and fresh air). In the end, our vacation cost us very little (less than $500 for both Princess and I), with dining out coming in first while gas came out second.

I did keep an eye on my finances during my time off, but for the most part I avoided posting anything on my blog or on other discussion lists. I did make a purchase in my RRSP right before I started my vacation -- I'll post about it soon.

On the work front, I started on a new project also on Monday, so I expect the next couple of days to be filled with a lot of reading, listening, and organizing new information to get a good picture of what I'll have to work on. Looks like a very interesting but challenging project.

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