Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Received the Electrician Bill

Last week, when we replaced the water heater, I had to call in an electrician to replace the cabling and connect it.

Well, I received the bill on Monday, and the $185 bill was pretty much in the range I expected ($150-$200).

So the total cost for replacing the water heater was $1 085. That may seem fairly expensive, but you have to remember that it will be good for a minimum of 12 years, which means $90 per year. If it lasts 1.5 times the duration of the warranty, that cost goes down to $60 per year.

By comparison, the cheaper water heater would have cost about $300 less while being good for a minimum of 6 years. That's $130 per year on the warranty's time, and $87 per year if it lasted 1.5 times the warranty.

I believe it's one of those times were buying high-quality was worthwhile. Would you agree or disagreee?

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