Saturday, January 12, 2008

Goals for 2008

Like many other bloggers, I've decided to set down some goals for 2008. Not only goals, but also measurable objectives to go with each.

Goal 1 - Lose some weight: It's been creeping up slowly in the last couple of years, and it's time for me to address this problem. I tried setting up a regular exercise schedule in the fall, but got sick and failed to pick it up again afterwards. I currently weight 210 pounds, and my objective is to lose 15 pounds, so that I weight no more than 195 by the end of the year. More important, I want to maintain that weight loss. This is the most important goal to me.

Goal 2 - Increase my passive income: In 2007, my DRiP portfolio generated $130 in dividends, which were reinvested. My current holdings would produce about $300 if I add nothing to them. My objective is to increase that to $450, by making additional regular purchases to my DRiPs.

Goal 3 - Increase my net worth: My objective is to increase it by $20 000, like I did in 2007. That won't be easy, since we have some important renovations to make to the house in 2008 (we will begin replacing the windows).

Goal 4 - Blog more often: Since starting my blog last June, there were periods when I haven't written anything. This year, I'd like to do better. My objective is to write at least 1 article every week. Exceptions will be made for when I'm away on vacation for a week or more, since I usually don't touch a computer at those times.

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